Star Heroes making Films only for Fans ?

A look at the recent audio releases and the films releasing makes you clear about one thing, films are made for fans. But experts say that there is a difference between fans and audiences. Here goes the story! 
Filmmakers like Boyapati and Harish Shankar recently gave statements that they are making films keeping the taste of fans in view to match their expectations. Are these directors and their star heroes distancing from audiences with these statements is a big question now. If only Mahesh fans had watched ‘Pokiri’ and ‘Dookudu’, both could not garner huge collections. ‘Businessman’ failed to recreate magic, because the film is intended only for fans. ‘Magadheera’ became a big hit only due to the viewership of all heroes’ fans but not just mega-fans. Irrespective of the mega-craze, ‘Racha’ is able to collect its investment back, but didn’t turn up a trend setter. 
Critics say that directors should change their mindsets to make movies for ‘audience’ but not just for ‘fans’. With their fan-loving movies, industry will get work but it cannot get a page for itself in history. Till date, 2012 has not seen a proper movie that is loved by all sections of audiences. Let us see if any director could come up with a movie that everyone loves to watch!