Star Heroine Caught Red Handed In Fake Raid

She’a star heroine. That’s a popular lavish and costly hotel in Hyderabad. And there happened a raid by a group of persons who claimed themselves as officials. Guess what, this star heroine ran away from her room upon hearing that info from her assistants sitting in the lobby of the hotel. She left 20 lakhs, all cash, in her room and left partly-dressed as she rushed into her car.

This looks like a mere cinematic scene, but our exclusive sources confirmed that it’s indeed true. She is such a big heroine that lakhs will be paid for her ribbon cutting acts. After acting with almost all the star heroes and still some career left for her, there is no need to indulge herself in these pleasure-giving activities. But she’s said to be entertaining few big shot businessmen from the city at a bare minimum price of 20 lakhs for few hours.

Some reports are indicating that people close to that businessman, who have got jealous of him flipping between the sheets with that star heroine, have actually arranged this fake raid. While the businessman’s pleasure seeking activity ended by then, it is the heroine who lost all of her money, as she left it there. Even the hotel authorities and owners are also shocked to find that this shiny glowing heroine is of that type.

“For an item number, she charges anywhere near 40 lakhs. But she has to take part in shooting for 3 days and practice the dance moves for another 3 days in advance. But here just a three hours job is filling her pocket with half the budget.” a film industry onlooker who witnessed the raid commented.