Star Heroine Took Money To Salute Flag?

Certain star heroines never do anything for charity. Forget about donating their own earnings, but they don’t attend a charity event at least without taking any visiting fee. And one such heroine is famous for attending ribbon cuttings and other events, while she charged crores as a star heroine. She’s in the news now for her patriotism, sorry, paid patriotism.

On the eve of the 71st Independence Day, the Federation of Indian Associations in the USA arranged celebrations, which have been graced by some film celebs as well. The 37th India Parade Day took place on Sunday and these celebs cheered up the crowds who attended the event. But what is stunning is that this heroine hasn’t become part of that celebration just like that.

Reports are coming that she was paid a whopping sum for her presence in the 37th India Parade Day. As she generally makes it to a public event after she gets paid a decent sum by the organizers and first-class flight tickets to her parents and staff, and star-hotel stay, many wonders if she did the same for showing her patriotism and saluting the tricolor.

Though some shared that the actress was in the USA only on a personal tour but attended the parade to showcase her love for India and the tricolor, insiders revealed that she is on a paid tour only. What? To shower love on homeland at a distant place, do you really need payment?