Star Producer’s Blackmailing Politics?

A star producer with many theaters in hand is heard to have turned a menace to many other filmmakers these days. This producer is trying his best to suppress any film that comes his way to clash with any of his own films’ release. He is making it very difficult for them to release on planned date and is forcing them to choose a different date.

A recent blockbuster of a young hero too got troubled before release just for this star producer’s ‘family’ movie. Rumors had it that he launched all his efforts to leave the film without a theater in his foothold area and later he had to give up just because his film is ruled out all over for weak content. Again this producer turned a big hurdle for that same young hero’s fresh movie when the latter planned to release it for Dasara and now had to advance the release date.

As this producer’s new movie is coming up for Dasara, gossip had it that he started irritating a well-known producer, who is now distributing a famous Tamil dubbed sequel in Telugu. Telugu film industry bigwigs are irked with his acts crossing the line and soon this is going to be escalated into a big turmoil in Tollywood.