Star Telugu Heroine Caught Smoking Madly!!

A star Telugu heroine who is known for her hottest looks and sweet talks is now caught in a controversy. This isn’t any mistake if we have to say, as she’s seen puffing a cigarette madly at a late night party.

This starlet who has recently seen the biggest event in her life is known for her partying nature anyway. But unlike many of those beauties, she never lets pictures from her parties storm the internet. But at a recent party thrown by her, she’s seen gasping for a puff and the way she has deeply inhaled a couple of hard puffs shows how mad smoker she is. Surprisingly her boyfriend is also the same type of guy.

Though the video of her that is doing rounds on the internet which has her smoking, isn’t very clear, but her designer dress is making sure to reveal her identity. Because only she’s the lady among out star heroines who get such dresses, handmade and customised. People who have identified her are simply in a state of shock.

But cigarette smoking heroines are not new to Tollywood and earlier many production units notice how chain smoker Shruti Haasan is. With this star heroine also joining the bandwagon, it looks like the statements ‘Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health’ is just a statement for the common man.