State Govt withdrawn cases on T-Students !

The state government has withdrawn some more cases registered against students during the Telangana movement. The government which has been withdrawing cases in a phased manner as per the assurance given on the floor of the state Assembly, has issued orders on Friday, withdrawing 984 cases pertaining to 15 different incidents. The government has issued 18 GOs for the purpose. Cases against Telangana student movement leaders Pidamarti Ravi, Rajaram and Balka Suman were among those withdrawn by the government now. The government which has been taking legal advise at every stage, is likely to withdraw some more cases soon.
There are dozens of cases against each student leader. There are 20 cases against Pidamarti alone. Ravi said, of the 1900 cases registered during the agitation against students, the government has not withdrawn even half. Stating that Telangana was more important to them than withdrawal of cases, he however said as they were relieved of stress because of withdrawal of cases, they would once again launch movement for ‘T’ with renewed vigor. He said they would have been happier if the government introduced Telangana bill in the Parliament than lifting of cases against them. He has asserted that they would now launch movement for introduction of the bill in the Parliament now.
Cases were registered against students who have participated in the Telangana movement in Gopalapuram, Punjagutta and other police stations of the twin cities. As per the assurance given to leaders of all parties including Congress in the assembly, government has started withdrawing cases in a phased manner.