Why Is Stock Analyst State Planning Board Member?

Ever since the TDP has severed ties with BJP, the BJP leaders have started attacking TDP one by one.Already, AP BJP leaders have been attacking the TDP directly and joining them was BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao, who severely criticized the government for its corruption.

He alleged that the corruption were at an all time high and that Babu was taking the people of Andhra Pradesh for a ride.He also added that a high-level CBI enquiry must be started to probe into Babu’s corruption.He said that Babu was trying to divert the attention of people and that he was indulging in quo pro quid with companies from Singapore and Malaysia.

He demanded that an enquiry be held into this which will unravel the truth.He further added that a stock analyst was brought in as the deputy chairman of state planning board, using him as the go-to person alleged Narasimha Rao. Since this is not a business dealing, such moves will not bear any results, said GVL.

Instead of giving answers, Chandra Babu has come as a disease for the people of Andhra Pradesh said the BJP MP.