Stupid Statements By KTR and Chandrababu

Telangana Minister KTR met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested the latter for a steel plant at Bayyaram.He then proceeded to give a statement saying, “If the Centre does not sanction a steel plant at Bayyaram, we will build one on our own.”Similarly, Chandrababu Naidu after making CM Ramesh give up his fast, said, “If the Centre does not set up a steel plant at Kadapa, we will go ahead on our own.”

Both the statements are really stupid in the context of the current situation.If Telangana and AP are capable of setting up steel plants on their own, why then will the Centre extend any financial assistance? It will gladly step away from the picture.Naidu says the same thing about Amaravati and KTR about the scrapped ITIR project.

The people of AP can only pray and hope that Naidu will not say the same thing about Polavaram also. That will be a real death blow to the lifeline of AP.