The Stupidity Called Amaravati

During the Mahanadu, one of the constant lament of Naidu ad nauseam is that Andhra Pradesh was divided in an arbitrary manner and left without a capital. This is not entirely true.AP was not left without a capital; Hyderabad was and is the common capital for a period of ten years.Naidu who at one point of time was asking for section 8 to be implemented in Hyderabad ran away after he was caught red-handed in the cash-for-vote case which eventually sounded the death knell for TDP in Telangana.

He then came up with his grandiose Amaravati vision which is nothing but ruining fertile irreplaceable agricultural lands and thereby, the lives of farmers. But has he shown anything concrete there?Except for some bulls flirting with cows and buffaloes and some temporary buildings, there is nothing even remote to suggest a great future city.

Besides, Hyderabad was not built from scratch. It was an existing city and capital that was further developed to make it what it is today by the Andhras.Why does Andhra need a new capital from scratch in the first place? Can’t any of the existing cities Vijayawada, Vizag, Kurnool, Tirupati or any other suitable city be converted into a capital?What is this madness called Amaravati which the Shivshankar committee appointed by Naidu himself, had rejected outright?

A new capital from scratch would mean immense scope for corruption for Naidu and his community and they expected the BJP to turn a blind eye to this as they were part of NDA. But the BJP has completely outwitted Naidu by denying any help to him in the first place.Therefore, the next time that Naidu speaks of lack of support from the Centre for Amaravati, he will find no sympathisers from any of the Telugu people except from his own community.