Has Success Gone To Their Heads?

The beauty of our culture is that it teaches us to be humble irrespective o the heights we attain to in life.Although, easier said than done, there are actors like Rajinikanth and Amitabh Bachchan who are actually living examples of this maxim. Nevertheless, it is so easy to become full of oneself once success knocks at our door.

Take the case of SS Rajamouli and MM Keeravani. After the success of Baahubali series, Rajamouli not only revealed the professional negotiations between him and Sridevi but also went on to ridicule the legendary actress saying that thankfully Sridevi’s demands for Baahubali made them opt for Ramya Krishna.

In response, Sridevi was dignity personified and said that she preferred not to discuss her professional life or remuneration negotiations with producers in public.Sridevi is no more and her final interaction with Rajamouli will only leave the latter with bitter memories.

Then, there is MM Keeravani, the composer who put out a tweet after Baahubali saying there are no proper lyricists in Tollywood after Veturi and Sirivennela.In the current crop of young heroes, we have Vijay Devarakonda and Naga Shaurya.

Vijay Devarakonda was a nobody until Raj Kandukuri cast him in Pelli Choopulu. The subsequent hit of Arjun Reddy made him a youth icon in Telangana although he barely has a market in Andhra.Recently, a movie of his released called Ye Mantram Vesave. Not only did Vijay Devarakonda refuse to promote the film, he also ridiculed it on Twitter saying it was a backlog.

It was one of the films he had signed during his struggling days but now that he has a couple of hits, he is suddenly unable to digest the movie although he must have prayed to god for landing the lead role in it, back then.

And everyone knows how he set a very bad example to youth by making them shout out a disgusting swear word during the audio launch of Arjun Reddy, to promote his film.As for Naga Shaurya, after the success of Chalo, he hit out against Sai Pallavi and refused to promote his film Kanam saying she had behaved badly on the sets of the film.

Although Sai Pallavi did try to patch up things, Naga Shaurya continues to evade the film and its promotions. How will the poor producers feel after investing so much? Are they to surrender to this young hero’s egoism?

Now, he has got into a quarrel with Kona Venkat by asking for higher remuneration for his film with Kona, post the success of Chalo. Since this was a film Naga Shaurya had agreed to prior to the release of Chalo, he should honour the commitment made then. But the young hero is probably full of himself as he is all set to become a mega son-in-law soon.

But then, when seasoned players like Rajamouli and Keeravani belittle others, what’s the point in blaming these young guns?