Success shocks Stylish Star

Anyone will be happy with success in what ever manner it is achieved. However Stylish Star Allu Arjun who scored a hit with ‘Julaayi’ is still shocked with the success of the film. If he is shocked at the success of his film many will feel it is natural for the Bunny as he is facing success after ‘Badrinath’ bombed at the box office. However he wondered how Mega Heroes substandard and ordinary films impressed mega fans and movie lovers turning out to be super hits.
Bunny in his interactions with media said though he is happy with the success of his film and that of Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s Racha and Power Star’s Gabbar Singh, he said all of them are lucky as viewers presented them stunning hits though the films are of just average storyline. He wondered how the films became a hit. Movie analysts started wondering what was wrong with Bunny or whether he is taking potshots at Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan.
They are trying to decipher his statement of average film and which film and whom he is referring to. Till now many felt that he is calm going and smooth sailing person ,but with his statements he stirred the hornet nest that all is not well between mega heroes.