Sudden Shivers to film makers

Tollywood film makers are currently suffering from sudden shivers and are unable to find out the remedy to solve their problem. It all started with ‘Allari’ Naresh who turned as Sudden Star and gave a sensational hit on tollywood silver screen with ‘Sudigadu’. Though the film received average talk at centres and film analysts, it is making huge profits much to the surprise of trade analysts. The comedy spoofs on more than 100 hit films connected well with the viewers of ‘B’ and ‘C’ centers and more or less made up for the illogical story and screen play and even the slow pace of the film.
However the film’s success is sending shivers down the spines of small film makers as Allari Naresh is shocking them with his demands. Small film makers smitten by Sudigadu success made beeline to Allari Naresh with offers but were shocked when the new ‘Sudden Star’ asked them about the budget of their projects.
Analysts say that film makers are banking on Naresh as he has got the reputation of minimum guarantee hero and it will be a tragedy that even he thinks of high budget films and starts enquiring about the budget of the film. They say that film makers will think twice on making a big budget film with heroes of Allari Naresh’s stature and if he starts demanding like this, then he will be losing out some crazy offers.