Sudden Star’s sudden Realisation !

Allari Naresh announced his transformation as Sudden Star of tollywood with his upcoming film ‘Sudigaadu’. Many wonder the reason behind his smiling secret. While many title their films with normal titles, Allari Naresh take special care in naming his films. All his films are named in a unique manner which attract laughter the moment one hear those names and that will be doubled when those titles are associated with Allari Naresh.
In that manner half the job of attracting movie lovers and general public’s response and their attention is achieved. If one notices his earlier films like Blade Babji, Betting Bangarraju, Seema Tapakai, Aha Na Pellanta, Katti Kanta Rao, Madata Kaja, Bendu Apparao, Seema Sastri evoke laughter. Same can be said about his latest and upcoming films starting with Sudigadu, Nelatakkuvodu, ‘Kevvu Keka’. This year Allari Naresh started off slowly and did only one project titled ‘Nuvva Nena’. However sudden realisation seems to have dawned on this ‘Sudden Star’ that he should do more films just like he had done earlier and started signing projects and is on prowl for new projects. Many may question as to what is there in name, but everything is there in name and an attractive name or title is the stepping stone to success.