Suicide attempt in censor office

Adding to few of shameful acts in industry here comes one more such incident that happened in Telugu film industry when a producer tried to kill himself by hanging to a fan in censor board office. He is completely depressed that he did not just try to commit suicide by her is really willing to die says workers near censor office.

Entering into real fact Dhanalakshmi the controversy queen of censor board and who always makes her own personal impressions on films makes a sensational decision by 40 cuts in a film named Amma Nanna Oorelthe which is so called a romantic entertainer.
Producer who saw movie after 40 cuts was shocked that there is nothing much left in movie to release. Producer begged all members of censor board but no one ever responded and in that depression he reached censor office tried to commit suicide. Soon he was rushed to hospital and saved by local workers in censor office.