Sukumar’s Conviction Vs Industry Sentiments

They say films with just 2 hours run will play to the galleries. But 1-Nenokkadine output is just 2 hours 16 minutes and the film bombed. They say a film with 3 hours output will carry the risk, but Arjun Reddy became a blockbuster. At this juncture, we have to talk about Sukumar’s conviction.

Owing to all the expectations and rumours, Sukumar went ahead with 3 hours (1 minute lesser) runtime for his day after tomorrow releasing “Rangasthalam” movie. With Megastar Chiranjeevi monitoring the output, Sukumar wary about how a big flop show could hinder his future, Ram Charan knowing the mass pulse of audiences better, one wonders how come they allowed such length.

Looks like Sukumar’s conviction about the story and the need to narrate it in such long time is what made everyone okay with this 3 hours length. In the olden days, films used to 3 hours in length but with filmmakers failing to hold audiences to seats for such long time, conveyed themselves that 2 hours is the ideal length. But if the film has real narrative potential and impressive content, this length doesn’t matter. Going by Sukumar’s belief, Rangasthalam has to become a big hit to prove that such runtime is not a hindrance for success.

While ‘industry sentiments’ do hold a negative impact basing on the runtime, those who know Sukumar’s work are feeling that he will come up with flying colours all the way. And industry people say, rather trimming the lag parts post release, it’s better to chop them now. But Sukumar feels this story has no lag at all. Wait for 48 hours more to find the truth on this.