What is Sukumar’s Negative Trait?

It is uncommon in Tollywood to see star heroes playing some grey characters. But when given a chance, Tollywood heroes have proved their mettle in roles with some strange characteristics.

Sukumar is one such director in Telugu industry, whose heroes always have some grey shades in their characters. In Arya and Arya 2, Allu Arjun acted as an obsessed guy, Mahesh Babu suffered from hallucination in Nenokadine and Ram Charan is hearing impaired in Rangasthalam. The director has finally opened up about his strange trait.

The director says that since childhood, he has been suffering from a lot of tension and confusion in every day and every phase of life. From choosing coffee over tea, or tea with more sugar or less sugar, or strong tea, light tea; to writing scenes and stories, he has this confusion problem. He revealed that his friends used to tease him a lot for this. He still carries those traits in him and says, he chose to have a tough journey and get success.

Looks like, his strange trait might be the reason for the unique characteristics we see on screen and for his presence of mind in carving out beautiful emotions.