Sunil hikes remuneration from His Six Pack

The transformation of Sunil from a Comedian to an Action Hero is a phenominal achievement. He succeeded in cutting down the extra flab (Weight – 108 kgs to 78 kgs, Waist – 44 and ½ inches to 31 inches) to get the toned shape through rigorous workouts. The passion for cinema is his diriving force and what he was today is just because of hard work and dedication.

Currently, Sunil is enjoying the fruits of success. With the Comedian roles, he used to get 15-25 lakhs per film depending on the no. of working days. Now the Action Hero avatar is fetching him huge pay packet. Reportedly, Sunil has been charging Rs 3 crore as remuneration for a film, which is still under pre-production.

The talk in the Industry is that, It took Sunil 3 years to get the six-pack look and so is he charging Rs 3 crore per film at the moment. Do you remember the famous dialogue of Sunil in Mahesh’s Athadu ‘Mandarachettu Kabatti Moodu Vesav, Aratichettu Ayithe Ayidu Vesedhuva’. Seems like, the new born action hero has applied the same theory here. But, what would have been the situation of the producers, if the training period has exceeded beyond that?

Only ‘success’ counts and nothing else matters. As long as the producers are in the safe zone, they don’t mind paying huge remunerations. For now, Sunil can sing “Make Hay While The Sun Shines”!