Sunil Recommended Me for Dhee – Nani

Natural Star Nani is one of the very few actors in the Telugu film industry who earned opportunities and rose to stardom purely on hard work and talent, he had no godfather to make recommendations. The actor has now made a surprising revelation about how comedian-turned-hero Sunil had helped him in his early days in the industry.

Nani entered film industry as an Assistant Director. While speaking at the audio launch event of Sunil’s upcoming film, “2 Countries”, Nani revealed that it was Sunil who had recommended him as an AD for Srinu Vytla’s “Dhee”.

“In my initial days as AD, I used to be very scared and nervous to talk to actors. Sunil Anna was the first famed actor who moved closely with me, I was still a clap assistant by then, and filled confidence in me. He recommended me for Dhee,” Nani recollected.

The “MCA” star said Sunil has many friends and well-wishers in industry because of his good nature, and he wished Sunil a good success with 2 Countries.