Sunil’s Remuneration as Comedian

Sunil is arguably one of the best comedians in Telugu cinema and he has not really entertained us with his peculiar style comedy in last eight years. That is from the time he started acting as lead and had to pull off the whole movie on his own. His bad choices of stories distanced him from the audience and now he is coming back to his old himself.Sunil has been saying in many recent interviews that he never wanted to give up comedian roles in other heroes’ films and keeping his word, Sunil appeared in Trivikram NTR’s Aravinda Sametha teaser.

An exclusive bit of information is that Sunil is not charging as a package like he did when he was a hero, but is heard to be charging huge 3.5 lakh rupees for a day of the shoot as a comedian. Most happening comedians usually charge like this as they will be busy with their roles in multiple simultaneous films. Sunil as a hero lost his market and might not have earned much with his recent failures.

This glimpse of him in teaser cheered all the fun-loving audience and being it Trivikram’s film, all are expecting some hilarious one-liners from him. If Sunil gets back on track as the comedian and if he manages to stand the tough competition from Vennela Kishore, we can see more of his comedy in near future.