Sunil’s stamina shocks Big Heroes

Sunil’s much awaited movie POOLA RANGADU has hit the screens finally and is getting showers of appreciations. Now, the talk is about his stamina, both in a six-pack and success-pack!

Just another success in his cap and there started irritation among the big bandwagon. The why and what of the heartache for these big-heroes is the current discussion in Film Nagar circles. The reason looks quite simple, till yesterday he is the man who acted as their sidekick on day-basis remuneration. Now, he is the one who is altering their release-dates because of his stamina at the BO as a hero.

With his typical acting skills and comic timing, Sunil mesmerizes everyone in general and stunned them now with six-pack. The last fight-sequence in ‘Poola Rangadu’ and the riveting dances in songs are enough to set Sunil as a star-hero for the masses in Tollywood. With no background, Sunil’s rise to that position makes few stars envious and makes them throw pot-shots, reveals a director.