Sunny Leone happy for Nude Experience !

The path of a heroine is not that easy. Though there is the glamour, glitz and crazy fan following there are many things the actress is expected to do in front of camera and strangers which a regular woman would feel choked to death. But that’s the demand of the profession and ladies are getting bold.
And here is one lady who is thanking her past which is helping her present. She is the porn star Sunny Leone. Apparently, this lady is making her debut with an erotic thriller ‘Jism 2’ wherein she has indulged in smooches and intimate scenes. Sharing her thoughts, Sunny reportedly mentioned that she is comfortable with her body.
Incidentally, Sunny is a known name in adult film market and she has gone completely nude in them. So doing a steamy scene and that too in Indian standards must be a child’s play for her. The lucky man to be part of those intimate moments is the raw hunk Randeep Hooda.