Sunny Leone Most Watched By 15-35 Age Group

To those of you boys who are entering your teens and those of you men who have passed their prime, watching sex videos might be a part and parcel. But here is an interesting report which came out during a recent survey. It is heard that one actress is hitting the first position in terms of her sex videos. She is none other than Sunny Leone.
The survey reveals that most of the videos being watched by Indian men aged 15-35 is that of Sunny Leone. In the last few years, Sunny has emerged as the queen of the adult film industry before she changed her platform and got into frontline acting as a Bollywood actress.
In some of the polls conducted by online media houses, Sunny Leone got past the likes of top heroines in Bollywood to become the most sought after online celebrity. Sunny has been part of triple x videos in the past and given her innocent face with Indian features and voluptuous sex appeal, it is not a wonder that the Indian men are floored by her.