Superstar Mahesh! Plus Or Minus For Young Hero?

Anyways, young hero Nikhil is not going to imitate Mahesh Babu in his action as he is struck with the likes of Pawan Kalyan and Raviteja. Are you thinking, what is this Mahesh Babu connection then? Check this story now!
Things are pretty clear that Nikhil’s latest flopbuster ‘Disco’ is not going to have a decent run at least for a week. This is because of the negative publicity generated by first day first show itself and one should curse the script-screenplay. However, some people are getting connected to ‘Businessman’ spoof in the film. The role of Mahesh is essayed by none other than spoof-superstar MS Narayana. Some say that the film can collect its reel-printing costs by making use of this ‘cheap’ comedy about Mahesh Babu’s movie.
But, fans of Superstar are really angry with the dare of Nikhil for allowing such insult to Superstar in his movie. Overall, they say that even Mahesh cannot become a plus point for this film indirectly, as the script is crippled. On his part, Nikhil is shouting in the media that ‘Disco’ is a full-value entertainer. Interesting!