Superstar’s Uneasy Moment With Music Director

Big stars and directors generally stand first in giving frank opinions about their team and this puts them in a fix sometimes. Our superstar Mahesh Babu had one such moment recently. Here goes the story!
The other day Superstar Mahesh attended a public function where music director Anoop Rubens was another guest. Though Anoop has never worked for Mahesh, there is a connection between them. Popular production house RR Makers signs deals with technicians and actors for a long term, and striking hot Isha Chawla and music-man Anoop are best examples for this. Both need to do five flicks for RR as per the agreement signed.
However, when Anoop is to start work on RR’s ‘Dookudu’, it is Mahesh who has requested for replacement and roped in Thaman. Anoop was heard a little bit disappointed then, with Superstar not believing in his talent and tunes. Later, Anoop rocked the tinsel town with ‘Poola Rangadu’ and ‘Ishq’, and is now coming up with ‘Lovely’. Onlookers shared that Mahesh is uncomfortable to exchange looks with the music director for a while and everything is alright after some time. Superstar’s choices are always different and you should be different to become a Superstar!