Superstar’s Wife In See-Through Dress

Wives of star heroes like to stay in news here and now for not being a top-hero’s wife but with their own stamp. Last time, King Nagarjuna’s wife Amala shocked everyone with her thigh show at a fashion event. This time it is the turn of Superstar Shahrukh’s wife.
Gauri Khan, wife of Shahrukh has sent vibrations silently at a music concert where she is the chief guest. Dressed in a see through animal printed shirt, Gauri gave a visible feast of her hot body stopping men’s eyes on her golden bra. Analysts are saying that Gauri is vexed with the growing appeal for her hubby Sharukh and Priyanka Chopra’s closeness and is reportedly doing these acts to divert attention. A wife of such a big star should have at least maintained some dignity while exposing in public, as posing like this is degrading her status to a Sherlyn Chopra’s and Poonam Pandey’s.
If you think all this happened without the knowledge of Shahrukh, you’re wrong. It is him who has dropped her at the venue and the couple attended a cricket auction prior to this program in the same costumes. Wonder, what Gauri has to say about this!