Surya is not Rajni?


Many who watched “Sikander” can’t help than drawing comparisons with Rajni”sikander” and ‘badshah’ but Surya is unable to carry the larger-than-life role of a don, ala Rajnikanth in his 90’s blockbuster, convincingly. Director Linguswamy should also take some blame for penning many predictable scenes and even the second half lacks the punch, so it falls short of Rajni’s classic in comaparison.

Of course, Surya being a talented actor, tries to breathe some life into his grey role but its just not enough, to keep audience glued to the seats. No doubt, Samantha glam look is revelation and Surya performance and few good visuals could help the film to sail through, Despite commendable talent, and even after proving himself in strong roles in films like “Ghajini” and “Singham”, but to ape Rajni, looks to be a gamble of sorts.