T-Conspiracy in Telangana itself

Till now telangana agitators who are fighting for the formation of Telangana State used to accuse that the people of telangana region were robbed of their rights by seemandhra region. They accused them of backstabbing innocent telangana people and cite Nerhu’s speech in support of their argument. Politicians hailing from the region and NGO leaders accused seemandhra people and leaders hailing from the region of superseding and infringing on their fundamental rights. Their speeches used to vitate the atmosphere spitting venom in the minds of innocent people. However more recently Osmania Univ Professor Kodandaram, found out after doing a research that more than seemandhra leaders, it is the leaders hailing from Telangana region who deceived the region with their penchant for power and political,monetary gains.
Many local people felt in the same way that even the moment of mass agitation or Sakala Janula Samme was also back stabbed by power hungry politicians from the same region. Now it has to be seen what form the movement for telangana takes and in what way fighters for the separate state fight. Already there are accusations that KCR is keeping quiet as he got some luxurious benefits from the Congress High Command and Sonia Gandhi and that was the reason why he is training his guns not on Congress but on hapless Babu of TDP. Already the role of Gaddar and other popular leaders are minimised by powerful politicians who are interested in stalling the formation of telangana.