T-Fighters not interested in Telangana

While die hard telangana people who dream of seeing Telangana State become a reality, those who shout at the top of their voices, chest beat that they are the true fighters of telangana are really not interested in the state’s formation. While there are some true leaders in Telangana and NGO’s who are actually sincere in their approach, some political parties, JAC organisations take people for a ride, raise tempers and when violence flares up which leads to the arrest of innocent students and youth they disappear. Future of many such students and youth was affected as due to the slapping of cases and arrest warrants they couldn’t pursue higher studies or apply for jobs and other entrance exams. While some student leaders who enjoy political clout escape, others bear the brunt of the moment.
Political parties with TRS in the front mislead people with its chief telling some story about other about signals and when he is need of money he raise regional fervors to meet his vested interests. Even TJACs are divided vertically and former leader Swami Gowd entangled in corruption charges shows the rut in the system. TDP and Congress play football with sentiments of the people. All these developments show that these self proclaimed T-fighters are not interested in formation of telangana as it would bring all their threatening and money making business to a full stop.