T-town director took big risk ?


Industry sources claims that director Sampath Nandi, took a big risk, by associating his name with non-starter “Gaalipatam” and it could affect his chances of directing superstar pawan kalyan in Gabbar Singh 2.

Prior to release of Gaali.., the director took full responsibility for the success and failure of the contrived plot and unneccesarily, took a big risk, at the time of directing a 60-crore film. He could have turned producer, once he got established himself as a leading director, but with one average grosser “Yemaiyindi Ee Vela” and hit film “Rachcha” and jumped into new zone.

Because, people close to Pawan, could advise him against Sampath and show the poor response for “Gaalipatam” since big stars are quite sensitive about such issues, because big money involved in their movies. Or will Pawan will just overrule all these and give his green signal to Sampath for “Gabbar”. Will it cost a him a project on not, we’ll know in few weeks.