Tainted Cricketer Hunting In Film Nagar


Retired sportsmen, glamorous sports women and happening models often end up in movies, though not everyone clicks. Tainted cricket, former fast-bowler of Team India, Sreesanth is no excuse after he was banned by BCCI for life to play cricket in India.

Touchwood folks are in a spot the other day, with Sreesanth busy hunting offers in Film Nagar. Despite his tryst, raise and fall in Cricket, he claimed that music is his soul and loves to compose for Tamil and Telugu flicks. Relating to his brought up in Tamilnadu and Bangalore, Sreesanth avers that he is having a tight snatch Tollywood. He has scheduled to meet biggies like Suresh Babu, Puri Jagan and Gunasekhar the other day, to seek work.

Sreesanth wants to score music and then act, if someone really wants to see him as a hero. Will Tollywood dance to Sreesanth’s tunes? In 2013, BCCI suspended and banned him from playing cricket, while police maintained that he has confessed to spot-fixing in IPL. However, the Malayali pacer remained tight lipped about his cricketing past.