Talk: Comedian’s YouTube Record shocks Tollywood

Tollywood folks are shocked when they saw eyebrow-raising figure of 3 million clicks for the trailer of a Telugu comedian’s upcoming film which will see him as lead hero. It all came out when the film’s PR team tried to publicize the ‘fake’ record to garner attention towards the film.

Interestingly, out of 3 million views on YouTube, the chunk of the views i.e around 2.8 million views said to have registered from countries such as Nigeria and other non-Telugu populated areas. It is buzzed that ‘Click Farms’ were behind the ‘fake’ record.

Many in industry are cracking jokes on this trailer record of the comedian-turned-hero’s film and is wondering how many clicks are genuine in the remaining 2 lakh views as well.

With such comments, jokes started circulating among folks, the team has shared the trailer with all other platforms, media in order to subside this issue.