Talk: Should Kalyan Stop Mud Slinging On Critics?

Should director Kalyan Krishna Kurasala stop slinging mud on film critics and reviewers? That’s the talk currently going on in Film Nagar as the director is still not in a mood to accept that he has carved out a spineless film that failed to click at the box office.

Other day the director went to a TV channel live program and claimed that ‘people didn’t like the reviews written about the movie, but they liked the film’. That sounded like another failed cracker like punch dialogue from “Nela Ticket” movie, regarding which he seems to be very hurt.

Later he took to his micro-blogging site to share a piece of ‘gyaan’ shared by someone about how movie critics have spoiled the beauty of “Nela Ticket” by giving it poor reviews. Well, first of all, Kalyan should understand the fact that no matter what is the rating, a film’s collections depends on how masses embrace it. Firstly, he should check if that is happening.

Cut to the first weekend, Nela Ticket made a superb 7.5 crores ‘share’ and the film has to collect a total of 22 crores ‘share’ to be declared a hit. If that is going to happen, then the review writers will collectively fail. And if not, Kalyan Krishna should find out where he went wrong with the movie rather crying on ‘reviews’ all the time, say netizens, who are closely watching the director ever since the film’s release.

Released on May 25th, Nela Ticket featuring Ravi Teja and Malvika Sharma earned negative talk from the first day first show.