Talk: Kalyan’s ‘Record’ Views for His Trailer

Ever since the trailer of Kalyan Ram’s Naa Nuvve got record YouTube views of 7 Million in less than 24 hours, the hot discussion in film circuits is how is this possible. What raises more suspicion is that the trailer got its 1st 1 Million views in first 12 hours, however, it secured another six million views in the next 12 hours, thereby crossing 7 Million views mark in 24 hours. The math behind this YouTube record is simply stunning many.

No doubt, the trailer is beautiful with good visuals and soothing music. But unlike the trailer of Oru Adaar Love, there is no Priya Prakash Warrier in Naa Nuvve trailer to take internet by storm nor do they have any huge stars like Pawan or Mahesh or Bunny. Hence, naturally, many are expressing their shock over the massive views in such a short time.

Commenting on this, netizens are circulating jokes saying, by this manner even Sampoornesh Babu’s Kobbari Matta would get Millions of views in 1 day.