In Talk: Kareena’s Hot Treat For Wedding

Married hottie Kareena Kapoor is actually expected to go completely u-turn on her glamour treat post marriage. But even though she became a mother and gave birth to a baby boy, the actress is giving new signals and goals to the film industry.

Like those Hollywood hotties who render themselves cloth-less for a role even after marriage or having kids, Kareena is also following the same path. Presumably, her looks in the posters and trailer of the film ‘Veere Di Wedding’ are now blowing minds of youths out there.

Pushing the limits to a new level, Kareena not just flaunted her cleavage and other glamorous curves all the time but also resorted to uttering cuss words for the film. This is like a rebel attitude of the hottie, which was not seen before. And then, such hotness post tying the knot and becoming a mother is being talked about.

Not just inside the film, Kareena is flaunting the same hotness at the movie’s promotion events too. Those who have seen the 37-year-old hottie’s ravishing looks are now going head over heels.