Talk of Nandyal: Bhuma Mounika Reddy

In the absence of her father late Bhuma Nagi Reddy, who is hailed as the leader of masses by timely coming to the rescue of followers, partymen, his younger daughter Bhuma Mounika took active part on the polling day in Nandyal. Mounika has not just come to the rescue of the TDP leaders in a few booths, she even complained to police and security personnel deployed at the booths against the rivals who are violating the poll norms.

When cops had asked a few TDP leaders to go out of booths in sensitive areas such as Saint Joseph school polling booth, Mounika questioned back and explained that the TDP leaders are the official booth agents appointed by TDP to observe the voting process as per the EC rules, regulations. This is not all. Bhuma Mounika even complained to police about Shilpa Chakrapani’s son making rounds to booths without official car pass.

Bhuma Mounika has taken many by surprise with her leadership skills and supported the partymen when they need her. Many felt that she is replacing Bhuma Nagi Reddy and trying to complete the vacuum created in party, constituency due to his untimely death.