Talk-Of-Town: Chiru’s Interval Bang

After taking up the job of ‘Racha’, this director has worked more to satisfy Chiru and co than himself. Rather focusing on script, his sole focus is projecting Megastar as God. Then, what is this ‘interval bang’? Check out.
In a recent interview, director Sampath Nandi has mentioned that Chiranjeevi gave a mind-blowing idea for ‘Racha’ interval block. With ‘Racha’ out in theatres, many fans and admirers watched eagerly to find out the kick in that interval point. Much to their dismay, the ‘interval’ part stands as the weakest sequence of the flick. With no twist or added dynamism to the scene, that bang is regular in Telugu Cinemas since Chiru’s times.
One cannot understand what might have prompted Sampath and his team to get so excited about that part. Did really Chiru gave such a punch less idea is talk of the town. They say that Sampath is insulting Chiru with these jokey stuff rather keeping his photo in ‘Pooja’ room.