Talk-Of-Town: Hero Daughter’s Decorations

Time and again, it is proved that this hot woman is a danger for upcoming heroines if she enters the main track. For now she is just sizzling as a key character but not as glam-doll. Otherwise equations will change!
We are talking about ravishingly beautiful Lakshmi Manchu, daughter of our dialogue king. The other day, many hot beauties that are sizzling on our Telugu screen have just fizzed black in her presence. Lakshmi rocked the show with her sensuous dressing in traditional attire. With her tall structure and noticeable curves, she became eye-catcher at the event. What adds spice to her stunning glamour is the navel pendant in the shape of butterfly.
They say that Lakshmi might have out played all other contemporaries if not she hails from a top celebrity family. More than her ‘decoration’, she is right now focusing on her proved acting skills to entertain Telugu audiences.