Talk-Of-Town: Prabhudeva’s Latest Crush

Dancing legend Prabhudeva needs no introduction regarding romances with pretty starlets. The dancer is now trying to come out of the Nayan episode by starting a fresh lease of affair.
Generally, to forget one you have to get a new thing that is sweeter and spicier than the previous one. Insiders say that Prabhu is now running after this saucy seductress and is planning a flick with her both in Tamil and Hindi. Kajal Agarwal is said to be the girl in the mind of Prabhudeva. Some say it is just for the sake of movie and some are saying that Prabhu wants to get solace from this sexy starlet.
The other day Kajal who is town for the shoot of her latest movie, Surya’s ‘Maatran’, spent a sizzling night with a table of guests at a popular city night out. No need to say that one of those prime guests is none other than Prabhudeva. Anyways, both the stars are now busy with their respective projects and luckily there is no time for romance even though romantic gossips are heard.