Talk: Those Three Praises On Ram Charan

Among the latest generation of star kids we have in the industry, it is Ram Charan who has succeeded to a larger extent despite his father being a big matinee idol. Because sons of matinee idols didn’t fare well across Indian tinsel towns till date. But still, the Mega Powerstar was rated by critics as a wooden-faced actor many times.

Other day if we could notice the praises of three big celebrities, the way they spoke about Ram Charan are indicating that there is something different to come from this star. Especially Megastar Chiru stated that he’s anticipating many awards and rewards for Rangasthalam, including National Awards. And Chiru, who never showers such appreciation in public, praised his son’s acting to the core. “I’m feeling jealous as an actor and proud as a father”, he said. This statement is speaking volumes.

Then we have Samantha saying, “People will remember Rangasthalam for a long time for Charan’s acting. This film is what a Swayamkrushi is to Chiranjeevi”. And that adulation coming from such a big star heroine for her leading man will be taken seriously for sure.

Director Sukumar heaped that third big praise on the mega hero. “Everyday I’m actually afraid to clap after a shot is done because I can’t ask him for a retake. But he never gave me such chance also. Even the likes of versatile actor Prakash Raj also clapped after looking at Charan’s hard work. That’s how he stunned us with his acting prowess” said Sukumar.

Going by these three mega praises, definitely, everyone is getting a confidence that Ram Charan might have really come up with a stunning performance. That sets his ball rolling into a big league as that’s the only area the mega hero is lagging behind from a while, as his dances and dialogue delivery style is always top notch.