Tamanna getting tortured by director

The milky white beauty Tamannah is known to torture all men aged between 16 to 60 years. Given her natural attraction and the overflowing sex appeal, this starlet is responsible for giving sleepless nights to the male generation. But now, it is heard that Tamannah is facing a different kind of torture.
It is known news that Tammu is the leading lady of the film ‘Rebel’ starring young rebel star Prabhas. This is being directed by Lawrence. Now, it is heard that Lawrence has decided to remake the movie in Tamil and he wants to be the hero in that. While that is okay, here is the problem.
Unit members reveal that Lawrence has been torturing Tamannah to be part of the remake as his leading lady. As it is, the awesome beauty Anushka walked out of ‘Rebel’ during the start unable to bear Lawrence’s antics. Many are suggesting that Lawrence should try for the other heroine Deeksha Seth and spare Tammu. Let us see what happens.