Tamanna overtakes Anushka in Kollywood

For reasons unknown, Curvy big beauty Anushka is not coming to Telugu Industry and is cementing her place in Tamil circuit. She had laughed at many other heroines in Kollywood after signing a series of movies. Now, it’s time for her to do the opposite.
Interestingly, Milky and small looking beauty Tamanna got a decent start in Tamil but never rose to the likes of a top heroine. However, her rise to stardom in Telugu Industry made Tamil producers knock her doors once again. Not only films, Tamanna is also getting lot of ad assignments from lungi-land. Recently she has signed as a brand ambassador for Fanta in Tamilnadu and will be the front face of a leading jeweler store based in Chennai. Milky babe’s re-entry became a tough competition for our bulky curvaceous siren Anushka, reveals an insider.
Our tall beauty also signed handful of movies and is concentrating on ads to make her career run long. Anyways, Tammu is busy with many projects in Telugu circuit also, so there will be a chance for Anushka to dominate this little beauty a little in Tamil.