‘Tamanna, stop giving heart attacks’ -Lakshmi Manchu

Talking straight from the heart is a particular trait the whole of Manchu family heirs have inherited from their dad Mohan Babu. When it comes to appreciating or criticizing, the Manchu scions never mince their words. Here comes Lakshmi Manchu, who has stunned everyone by asking milky siren Tamanna to stop giving heart attacks. 
Yesterday evening our milky beauty Tamanna has attended Ritz Awards show in Chennai. Dressed in a designer gown, she oozed loads of charms in her half-braided hairdo and with those reveled milky shoulders. The pinkish white gown’s folds have simply reflected the aura of Tamanna’s beauty. Commenting on a picture of milky beauty from that event, which was posted by Tamanna herself, Lakshmi Manchu asked, “That’s a doll, but where is your picture?” 
Also she praised the beauty of milky siren by directing her, “Tamanna, stop giving heart attacks to people on twitter”. Who will have such guts these days to admire the beauty of another hottie when they themselves are in a hot space? Definitely it should be Manchu scions.