Tamanna – Tollywood’s No.1 Hip Shaker!

Milky beauty Tamanna is rewriting the meaning of hip-shaking with her latest performances. This gorgeous lady is now undoubtedly the No.1 in that act, as her hips don’t lie. Check out the story now!
Belly dancing with a mix of hip-waist swaying was started by popular pop sensation Shakira with her album ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. Later, two starlets have induced this into Tollywood. One is item bonanza Mumaith Khan and other is ravishing siren Shriya Saran. By far, Shriya has enchanted everyone with this waist-swinging act and remains a top scorer. Heroines like Anushka and Nayantara too tried their ‘hip at this, but have never mesmerized anyone. Now, our milky beauty is stunning everyone with her ‘hips don’t lie’ act.
Tamanna’s swaying hips, hour glass waist and swinging toned back from ‘Vaana… Vaana…’ song are pulsating men to a maximum. It is not exaggeration to say that Tamanna’s glamour has dominated Ram Charan’s energetic steps in the song. One has to see the song more than a couple of times to lead their eyes away from Tamanna to Charan. Finally, ‘No.1 Hip Shaker’ award goes to Tamanna Bhatia!