Tamanna Vs. Samantha Vs. Trisha

To compare a food product is easy, but comparing different ‘hot’ diamonds is really different. However, we are not putting test to their ravishing hot glamour, but their speaking capabilities.
Most of the times, these heroines are busy with Telugu assignments and yet they find it difficult to learn the language. While they show lot of interest in going to a place where they are not at all honored (like Bollywood), why cannot they respect their job providing circuit, is the question. However, Tamanna and Samantha are better in this aspect. Even though Tammu debuted much later to Trisha, most of the times she loves to speak in Telugu in all Tollywood functions.
Samantha is the latest sensation in tinsel town, yet she managed to speak 70% of her speech in Telugu at ‘Eega’ audio function. Shamefully, Trisha hasn’t given a complete try to utter ‘Italian of the East’ despite being a long time beneficiary of Telugu industry. Well, as long as producers are standing with umbrellas behind these heroines, things never change!