Tamanna’s Special Love For Mega Family

A festival of Telugu movies is on cards with the summer season approaching fast and hot heroines are also getting ready alongside star heroes. Of all the releasing flicks, this milky beauty is the most talked about and here is Tamanna for you guys.
We have seen the power of Tamanna’s ravishing skin-show in ‘Badrinath’ and a bit in ‘Awara’. An erotic thigh show and romantic navel displays are said to be main attraction of ‘Racha’ from Tamanna’s side. And the sizzling siren has no qualms for crossing the lines with Megapower Star Ramcharan. When it comes to other heroes of Telugu circuit, Tamanna is always in limits regarding her skin show. Talk is that, a flick of Mega hero means, her sexposing is limitless with plenty of flawless beauty poured on loads of negative. Say it ‘100% Love’ or ‘Oosaravelli’, Tamanna limited the show like any other heroine to songs and looked like a girl-next-door all the time.
However, in ‘Badrinath’, Tamanna was portrayed like a bomb (in costumes we mean) and now same is the case with ‘Racha’. Fans of other heroes are confused as to why Tamanna lessens her glamour-quotient for others. Let us take this in other way, ‘Why is this special love for mega-family, Tamanna?’