Tamanna’s triple treat: Ice, Spice and Nice

Tamanna is going to have three releases in this summer. She is coming up three different films and three different characters. The summer will start for Tamanna with Racha, in which she plays a spicy role that enthralls the masses. True to its title, Tamanna is going to some real Racha in this movie with massy dialogs and revealing costumes.
Endukante Premanta of director Karunakaran will be the second film for Tamanna this summer. Karunakaran is known for portraying his leading ladies in an ice cool fashion. Endukante Premanta is going to show Tamanna as a simple middle class girl with lovable character. As per the reports this film is going to be a treat for romantic movie lovers.
The third one from Tamanna this summer is Lawrence’s Rebel. In this film Tamanna is playing a class act. She is playing a rich sophisticated young lady in it. The character would be nice and exactly opposite to the one she plays in Racha. Although the protagonist is rebel in this movie, Tamanna is going to be regal! Stay tuned for the summer treat from Tammy guys!