Tapsee furious on media !

Looks like Cutie Pie Tapsee will very soon going to get the name ‘Angr Young girl of Tollywood’. She is not a kinda girl who is ready to take criticism. She is responding harshly when some other bad news about her pops out in media.
A popular daily had reported that Tapsee is playing second fiddle in some movie. This has irked Tapsee very much that she blasted like anything. “Came across d CRAPPIEST article written recently so let me give them a piece of my mind. I am not playing 2nd lead in any of my movies anymore” Tapsee tweeted. She has also enlightened the media about her glamorous roles in Tamil cinema. “And especially in my Tamil movies I don’t have a glamorous role at all! So kindly check your knowledge before you misuse the space you get online to write!” angry Tapsee wrote.