Tapsee Holidaying in Greece


After effects of certain incidents are so impactful that they keep on haunting us day and night. Perhaps, curly haired siren Taapsee Pannu is in similar phase. Her mind is full of Greek sculptures, serene white sand beaches and fun. All these feelings happen to be repercussions of her recent trip.

To celebrate her birthday with friends, Taapsee has recently visited the European country of Greece and spent a bountiful of time at Athens city. Touring historical sites, tasting food, enjoying music and posing for photographs, our hottie has let her wilder side out on the other side of globe. Unable to come out of that blissful titillation, Taapsee is busy sharing those thrills with her fans on social network. Maybe in the coming days we have volumes of Taapsee’s Greece adventures coming out to enthrall us.

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