Tapsee impress all as ‘Sarala’

People who always had seen Tapsee in Ultra Modern dresses were taken by surprise on Saturday as the stills of her upcoming movie ‘Gundello Godari’ released to press. Tapsee was seen in traditional Langa voni getup and as usually she is awesome in the new look. The movie is based on a story took place in 1980s in Godavari districts. Tapsee is playing the character ‘Sarala’ which she terms as the most toughest character in her career.
Aadi Pinisetti, Sandeep Krishna, Lakshmi Prasanna and Taapsee are the lead cast in this film. Lakshmi Prasanna is producing this movie on Manchu entertainments banner and Dr Mohan Babu presenting it. The movie is expected to release in the month of June.