Tara Chowdary targets Key Political Leaders !

Tara Chowdary who made sensational allegations against Congress MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, kept making references to him, though not naming him now.
Tara who was arrested for running a sex racket and blackmailing several persons including some police officers and politicians, has hit headlines when she has stated that MP Rayapati has offered her money for implicating his rival and minister Kanna Lakshmi Narayana in an abduction case.
Rayapati has dismissed this allegation and said he would give her Rs. 1 crore if she could prove her charge.
Talking to a Telugu TV channel on Tuesday evening, she said ‘That MP’ has asked for some girls to do massage to him. She said she sent some girls to him. She has also mentioned the names of one MLA and several police officers, who sought sexual favours from her or asked her to send girls. She said several people got ‘favours’ from her using her weakness for making it big as a film actress.
Stating that she had not done any wrong, she has blamed that ‘they’ made her a scapegoat, by forcing her commit wrong things. She said she has quit the film industry when she realized that it was not a bed of roses. Stating that she has received several phone calls from ‘that MP’ and his followers during 2008 and 2009, she said she was threatened and they even tried to kill her.
Releasing a call list, she said she was ready to face any punishment if her call list was proved wrong. Replying questions, she said she only saw TDP leader Revanth Reddy on TV and never met him. Likewise when asked about Jogu Ramanna, she said she did not even know him.
Who is that Adilabad MLA?
Tara Choudary has said that one MLA of Adilabad district was in her house getting body massage when the helicopter of Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy went missing.
Tara also said she had noted down the numbers of some people and recorded some of their conversations only because she faced life threat and not because she wanted to blackmail.
It may be recalled that Tara Choudary has already stated that one Adilabad MLA who was with TDP and later joined the TRS and one Andhra area MP have harassed her and her family.
Rayapati refuses to comment
Congress MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao who went to Tirupati on Monday has refused to comment on Tara Choudary’s remarks. Stating that people know all about him and his family, he said that he would not bother about her allegations.
Jogu Ramanna denies
Meanwhile TRS MLA of Adilabad district, Jogu ramanna has denied he knew Tara Choudary. It may be mentioned that Tara Choudary has made allegations that one MP, one MLA, one police officer of the rank of DG, one DSP and a circle inspector had harassed her. Tara has also alleged that film writer Chinni Krishna and police officer Shankar Reddy had sexually harassed her.